The ever-growing need for better simulations

Computer simulations are becoming increasingly important – studying the mechanical, electromagnetic, fluidic or acoustic properties of parts and optimizing them before the first prototype is built speeds up the product development cycle significantly. But with complicated geometries or couplings of different physical phenomena, conventional simulation software often reaches its limits. A reliable simulation then requires unreasonable computing time or is not possible at all. Current mathematical research and problem specific physical models often provide approaches to solve such problems efficiently, for example by new discretizations and algorithms, variable polynomial degrees or in built a priori knowledge.

Our solution

To allow the incorporation of problem specific models, Prof. Schöberl started developing the software packages Netgen/NGSolve with flexibility as a basis. These core components are provided on an open source license (LGPLv2). They are widely used in research at universities and in industry around the globe – giving us great insight in new developments.

We have founded the TU-Wien spin off CERBSim to build, together with industry and research partners, problem specific modules on top of the generic kernel, that allow accurate prediction of complicated physical phenomena.

We are looking for

research institutes and departments that have experience in solving PDEs but struggle with limitations in existing software and want to build accurate and efficient simulations together.